Framed Images

From September 28th 2020, we will be offering framed images of the landscape pictures featured in 'The Making of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells' book, by Fran May

The images, we call 'Modern Orotones' are printed on conservation glass and backed with 24 carat gold or pure silver, using a water gilding technique. The shimmering effect reveals a dramatic three dimensional quality.

Fran May has been making photographic images for over forty years. She started as a painter in the early 1970s and progressed to photography in 1978 with an MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art. Her first appointment came from The Brooklyn Museum, documenting the Valley of the Kings in Egypt as the museum’s Royal Theban Tomb Photographer. On her return, she took a studio space in Hoxton Square to build a freelance photography business and worked for the British Museum and The Sunday Times Magazine as well as on documentary projects in Africa.


Later work included the creation of corporate images for investment banks, law firms, publishers and scientific research companies. For thirty years Fran worked freelance for the Development Offices of the University of Cambridge providing images for alumni publications.

Current photography projects include books on the architecture of Bath and the coastline of the British Isles.